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Geminids 2020

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Geminids Meteor shower

When & Where?

Geminids meteor shower is one of the most visible meteor showers will peak on 13th and 14th of December (2020), but meteors belonging to the Geminids will be visible throughout the week. Meteors will be clearly visible after mid night, although the meteor sightings will be scattered in the sky, all the Geminids meteors will look like they stated from a point in the constellation Gemini.


Where did this meteor originated?

The meteors belonging to the Geminids shower are the remains of a rock comet named 3200 Phaethon.


How to Observe?

The best method to observe meteor showers is to go to a dark, clear, and safe location, where sky will be clearly visible. After mid night, wait till your eyes are adapted to the darkness. Look towards the Gemini constellation (for Geminids) and WAIT for the meteors to fall…!


Is the meteor shower dangerous?

Despite numerous posts in social media, Geminids (or any other) meteor shower will not pose a threat to the life on Earth. except for very rare occasions the meteors will burn in the upper atmosphere creating beautiful natural fireworks.


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