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International Day of PlanetariumsAstronomy is one of the oldest known sciences in the world. The reason would have been the wonder a sky full of stars created in the human mind, and the curiosity that ignited in his mind to comprehend what he saw. From the ancient times, the sky had served the mankind as a clock telling time, as a calendar to know the date, a compass used to find direction. Apart from all these, the sky had been immensely helpful to man to decide the appropriate time for sowing seeds ...

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ඔබ මෙතනයි:  මුල් පිටුව

Total solar eclipse - December 4, 2021

ඊ-තැපැල මුද්‍රණය පී.ඩී.එෆ් (PDF)


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

On December 4, 2021, a total solar eclipse will sweep across Antarctica. The maximum eclipse occurs around 07:33 UTC, this eclipse will nvisible to Sri Lanka. The partial phases will visible to people in the southernmost parts of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Visibility of the Solar Eclipse
(Image credit: timeanddate.com)

අවසන් යාවත්කාලීන කිරීම 2021 දෙසැම්බර් 02 වෙනි බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා, 09:11  

හිරු සහ චන්ද්‍ර පැය

ඉර උදාව   05.54
ඉර බැසීම   18.21
සඳු උදාව   20.22
සඳු බැසීම   07.26
සඳු පිහිටීම   image

ස්වාභාවික සිද්ධි සහ අභ්‍යවකාශ සිඳුවීම්

මුල් පිටුවඅපගේ ග්‍රහලෝකාගාරයවිම්සීම්පිටු පෙළගැස්ම