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Astro IT Lab

What is the Astro IT Lab? 

Astro IT Lab is an educational facility located at the Sri Lanka Planetarium premises where astronomy and space science is demonstrated using information technology.

How does one can use this facility?

In order to use this facility you have to become a member of the Astro IT Lab.

What are the requirements for becoming a member of the Astro IT Lab?

There is only two.

  1. You must have a great interest in learning astronomy.
  2. You have to be a school student in grade seven or above (up to grade 13).

How does one become a member of this facility?

Every year applications for the membership are issued in November and new members are enrolled in January. Application forms can be downloaded from this web site or can be obtained from the planetarium office at the time they are issued. Enrolment is on the first come first served basis.

How long is the membership valid?

The membership is valid only for one year and you can renew your membership each year.

When is the next intake?

2015 October

What kind of knowledge can be obtained from this facility?

Every member is provided with a basic computer and astronomy knowledge and then they are guided through various astronomy projects and activities such as,

  • Night sky observation
  • Preparing an astronomy newsletter (group activity)
  • Participating in astronomy forums
  • Creating astronomy models
  • Doing astronomy presentations
  • Conducting night camps . . . etc.

What are the benefits a school student can gain by becoming a member of this facility?

There are a lot of school children in Sri Lanka who have a great interest in astronomy but are unable to develop their knowledge due to the lack of proper guidance and good educational material. By becoming an Astro IT Lab member a student can fulfill both these requirement up to a great extent.

Furthermore a student can not only satisfy his/her thirst for astronomy but can also contribute to enhance the astronomy knowledge of other school children in Sri Lanka and there by participating in an educational service to the country.

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