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Mobile Planetarium

What kind services are provided by a mobile planetarium?

A planetarium show that can be viewed in a mobile dome at your place.

What other services are provided with the mobile planetarium?

Night sky demonstrations
Astronomy movies
Astronomy lectures

How to get this service?

You have to make a request through telephone or using our online web form.

How do we know our request is confirmed?

The planetarium will send you a letter.

What are the facilities you should provide?

Should be capable of supplying the following.

  1. A class room or a hall with dimensions 20’x20’x13’ (length x width x height) and with security.
  2. Loud speaker with amplifier
  3. Supplying of main electricity.
  4. A separate hall for astronomy movies and lectures

Should be capable of providing all necessary facilities to the five officials of our staff and enough security for the equipment which comes with us.

Is it possible to have the mobile planetarium outside?

Absolutely not.

What is the fee?

Free of charges.

How many students can be accommodated for a show at once?

Maximum 40 students. But number of shows can be presented per a day.

What is the duration of a show?

30 minutes

What is the content of the show?

The night sky relevant to that day.

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